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Pardes Psychological Services uses the most up-to-date and empirically tested assessment instruments to develop psychological profiles of our clients’ abilities to function in school and at work. 


Children and Adolescents

Our full psycho-educational test battery can help determine particular challenges that your children may be facing both at home and at school. These tests are designed to pinpoint a wide variety of learning challenges, behavioral motivators and focus and attention issues. A full report is produced outlining the results of the tests given as well as specific and realistic recommendations for use at home  and at school. These tests may also be helpful in determining your child’s need for special educational accommodations.

Specific tests can also be administered to determine levels of functioning in a variety of social and interpersonal situations and levels  of anxiety and depression.


We are also available (with your authorization) to meet with your child’s school in order to explain the testing results and recommendations.



Specific tests are used to determine levels of anxiety, depressions and other personality or psychological issues in order to enhance treatment.

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