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Serving the South Florida Jewish Community.

At Pardes Psychological Services, our mission is to provide  high quality  psychological care to members of the South Florida Jewish community. We offer a comprehensive range of therapeutic and  psycho-educational support and services for children, adolescents and adults. Our services take into account the unique needs, sensitivities and values of the Jewish community.


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We use evidence-based treatments to effectively treat common psychological issues in children, adolescents and adults, such as depression, anxiety and adjustment-related issues. We also specialize in pre-teen and adolescent counseling services to not only help the younger members of our community deal with common psychological and behavioral issues, but also to help them adjust to the demands of a dual school curriculum and a traditional lifestyle. As many psychological issues affect not only individuals, but their partners and families as well, we offer family therapy and couples counseling services that take into account the unique situations that may affect religiously observant families and couples.


Rabbi Mordechai Smolarcik, Psy.D. has years of experience in adult counseling and in working with pre-teens and adolescents. As a synagogue rabbi, Judaic studies teacher, youth organization regional director and psychological intern he has amassed extensive experience counseling adults, adolescents and children. Having completed his doctorate in clinical psychology Rabbi Dr. Smolarcik is currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow in clinical psychology and works under the supervision of a licensed and experienced clinical psychologist in order to enhance the treatment experience of our clients.






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7000 W. Palmetto Park Rd.

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We also provide a wide range of comprehensive psycho-diagnostic assessment options to help to identify areas of intellectual, emotional and psychological strength and weakness in children, adolescents and adults. Using the most current and empirically tested assessment instruments, we aim to identify the specific factors that may be inhibiting our clients’ abilities to function optimally, and provide specific and realistic recommendations to facilitate improvement.


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At Pardes Psychological Services we take your confidentiality very seriously. Our therapist and supervisors understand their ethical and legal obligations to keep any record of our association with you carefully guarded. 

You can rest assured that when meeting our therapist or supervisors at work or at any other social or community event that we will never publicly disclose our professional relationship. 

By carefully scheduling your appointments we shall endeavor to ensure that you never run into any of our other clients when arriving or leaving our offices.


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